Lost Water Fly Fishing

Welcome to Tie-Land

Quality is not an act, it is a habit
— Aristotle

The Idea

I was tired of buying flies tied overseas that fell apart after I caught one fish. I learned to tie flies simply because I didn't like wasting money. Here at Lost Water Adventures I create the highest quality and best producing flies you can find, not the stuff you find overflowing the bins at your local sports shop. I understand there is a time and a place for that, but when you want high quality flies for those once in a lifetime trips, flies that stand out in quality and performance, I'm here for you. I take the extra time to ensure that each fly will last long after you've dismantled the many bulk bin flies. Lost Water Adventures where the details matter!

The Quality

Cutting corners and doing things the quickest way possible are not how quality fishing flies are created. Taking the time to produce a product that will not only attract fish but will also handle more than one hook-up is what separates Lost Water flies from the herd.

Personal Promise

I personally tie each and every fly that leaves my vise to sell. I inspect every fly before it leaves to it's final destination & I promise you that every fly will be durable enough to get the job done. I work with U.S suppliers supporting the companies that I believe represent the fly fishing industry best. I also offer hard to find crucial fly tying components that are innovative and effective.