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Lost Water Adventures: A Creed of Simplicity

Jared WatsonComment

This will be a promise to you, my fellow fly fisher, my veteran brother or sister, and to the environment in which we recreate.  

[Kreed] - Any system or codification of belief or opinion.

[Sim-plis-i-tee] - freedom from complexity or intricacy.




As the flakes fall, and the cold settles into the valley we are reminded that change is omnipresent. Whether or not we are aware of it is on us. Tides are changing all around, chaos seems to be the new norm. A lesson from physics class, the universe is ever increasing in entropy, things from order move to disorder, always. Everything is less ordered than when you found it (even if you're putting it back!). A lesson from jui jitsu, if someone is more powerful than you don't fight them, move with them and let them do the work. If you resist their movement you'll become tired and find yourself in an even worse situation to be taken advantage of. Just as the world will always change it isn't our position to fight it, but our responsibility to make sure that it does so in a manner conducive to survival and sustainability. 

More on that later, here at Lost Water Adventures aim to provide you with top quality service, selection and advice, to make life simpler and effort to enjoy through one of the world's greatest pastimes; fly fishing. From our blog to the products we sell and endorse Lost Water Adventures wants to make every life better, not just fly fishing.

So slow down, light up your pipe and and enjoy today because tomorrow is never promised.

- J.M Watson